Monday, 14 July 2014

Why Chinese Mobiles Are Cheaper Than Nokia, Samsung, Apple and Sony

We often believe that high price of a mobile phone reflects that it is built up with good quality material. But in reality the price of a phone depends on the cost of production and the technology which is used in a phone. Often we see that Chinese Mobile Brands like Gionee, Huawei, Xolo, ZTE and even Micromax is available at a cheaper price in comparison to Nokia, Samsung, Apple or Sony Mobiles. The price difference in the same featured phone is up to 20,000 thousand rupees. Like you can get all the features of iPhone 5 in Micromax Canvas Knight and Canvas Gold in just 20,000 thousands rupees. 

Nowadays Gionee, Xolo and Micromax are making big money in Indian mobile market and the leading mobiles of these brands are Gionee Elife E7, Gionee Elife E6, Gionee Elife E6, Gionee M2, and Gionee Gpad G4. Xolo is a much bigger brand than Gionee specially in India. And their leading phones are Xolo Win Q900S, Xolo Q1200, Xolo Q600S, Xolo Q3000 and Xolo Q2500. I think you need an example so check out other things. It will show you how good these phones are. Also have a look at Game Hacker APK and Game Killer APK Free app for such phones.

Why Xolo and Gionee Phones are Cheaper ?

  1. These are the two new companies in India and want to set up their name. They are not looking for much profit but in providing best quality phones at lowest price.
  2. They understand the taste of Indian people and built their phones according to it.
  3. The most important thing is that these companies focus on average buyers I mean who want to buy an affordable smartphone. On the other hand companies like Apple and Sony focus only on the rich class. 

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